Southern Home Structural Repair Specialists

Southern Home Structural Repair Specialists

As fall rolls in, take a moment to check the overall health of your home for the cooler months. Are the gutters clogged? Windows sealed? What about your foundation? Southern Home Structural Repair Specialists can help you pinpoint problems before they worsen.

Six key foundation issues to watch for:

  Concrete raising

  Cracks in the floors or walls

  Cracks in your brick that look like stair steps

  Gaps around exterior window frames and doors

  Sagging or uneven floors

  Separation between the wall and counters or cabinets

Our foundation repair contractors can quickly identify the root cause of any problems your home may have and propose the best solution for you. Whether it’s due to poor construction, soil problems, weight-related pressure problems or age, a professional, experienced team uses the latest techniques to handle any type of basement foundation repair. The initial meeting with a foundation expert is always free. And warranted, proven quality remains a priority to complete each project successfully and on time.

“The entire staff of Southern Home Structural Repair Specialists are very professional and knowledgeable and made every effort to make sure the job was done right,” said one customer.

Other customers from all around the Birmingham area have trusted Southern Home Structural Repair Specialists for great results.

“We just bought a new house, and there was a sagging spot in the kitchen floor,” one customer said. “… They have just been superb and taken care of everything we needed.”