Viking Epoxy Sets Industry Standard with Shell Plant Flooring in Convent La

Viking Epoxy Sets Industry Standard with Shell Plant Flooring in Convent La


Published May 18, 2023

Viking Epoxy, a leading provider of high-quality industrial and commercial flooring solutions in Louisiana, is excited to announce the successful completion of a major metallic epoxy flooring project at Shell Chemical Plant in Convent, Louisiana. This project was accomplished within the client’s stringent timeline of four weeks, with a pre-planned vacation week in the middle of the installation.

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The scope of the project included four separate sections, each completed within a week, covering a total area of 40,000 square feet. The flooring type for this project was Metallic Epoxy, chosen for its exceptional durability, resistance to chemicals, and aesthetic appeal. The chosen epoxy color was ‘Dolphin’, a shade that perfectly complements the industrial environment of the plant.

“Successfully managing the Shell Chemical Plant project amidst a tight schedule, and delivering an outcome that exceeded expectations, is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and resilience of the Viking Epoxy team,” said Jeremy Rowe, owner of Viking Epoxy. “It was amazing to have been trusted with this significant undertaking. The use of high-quality products, such as the Black Self Leveling Industrial Epoxy, Dolphin Metallic Epoxy, and Industrial Clear Urethane, ensured a finish that not only meets the functional needs of the facility but also adds to its overall aesthetic value.”

Rowe added, “The successful completion of the 40,000 square feet metallic epoxy flooring at Shell Chemical Plant is a shining example of commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.”

Viking Epoxy’s project at Shell Chemical Plant showcases the company’s ability to execute large-scale industrial flooring projects within challenging timeframes, all while maintaining its commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetics. This accomplishment further strengthens Viking Concrete’s position as a go-to provider for superior industrial and commercial flooring solutions in Louisiana and beyond.

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Viking Epoxy, based in Louisiana, is a renowned provider of high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing commercial and industrial flooring solutions. With a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, Viking Epoxy is the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable flooring solutions that stand the test of time.

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