ASCC 2021 DCC Decorative Concrete Council Award Winners

American Society of Concrete Contractors

The Decorative Concrete Council (DCC), a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), St. Louis, Mo., has announced the winners of its 13th annual Decorative Concrete Awards competition. The winners were recognized at ASCC’s Annual Conference, September 23, 2021.

The WOW! Award

Ruttura & Sons Const. Co., Inc., West Babylon, NY won the WOW! Award, best overall project, for Little Island @ Pier 55, Manhattan, NY. Little Island is a $250 million Hudson River Park Trust project which takes the idea of piers and parks to a new level. The most visible portion is the pots, fabricated giant cups put together with pieces called petals. 39 sets of formwork were made after extensive 3D computer modeling to create the 132 pots.

While the pots were modeled, cast, and assembled, marine contractors drove the pilings in stages, up to 200 ft. below the river. The project includes a total of 267-cylinder piles, each supporting approximately 250 to 350 tons.

The “jewel” of the project, according to Kevin Zimont, a project executive with construction management firm Hunter Roberts Construction Group, is the 700-seat amphitheater. “Architectural concrete designed for a 100-year life cycle made it difficult to satisfy the architect’s wishes,” says D. Thomas Ruttura, Ruttura & Sons Const. Co.


Additional Winners Include:

Cast-In-Place Stamped, Over 5,000 SF
1st Place, Bomanite Artistic Concrete, El Paso, TX, for El Paso Zoo Chihuahua Desert Exhibit
2nd Place, Alchemy Concrete, Inc., Amherst Junction, WI, for Nelson: WitenblauwCast-In-Place Stamped, Under 5,000 SF
1st Place, Salzano Custom Concrete, Aldie, VA, for National Harbor Showcase Intersection
2nd Place, Kaufman Construction, Inc., Casselton, ND, for the Voss ResidencePolished Concrete & Overlays, Over 5,000 SF
1st Place, Floor Seal Technology, Milpitas, CA, for Skyline Community CollegePolished Concrete & Overlays, Under 5,000 SF,
1st Place, Hyde Concrete, Pasadena, MD, for 6721 Columbia Gateway
2nd Place, Surfacing Solutions, Inc.  Temecula, CA, for Alila MareaCast-in-Place Special Finishes, Over 5,000 SF
1st Place, T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc., San Diego, CA, for UC San Diego Mesa Housing Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge
2nd Place, Bomanite International Ltd., Bury, United Kingdom, for OCT Harbour Plus Rose SquareCast-in-Place Special Finishes, Under 5,000 SF
1st Place, Musselman & Hall Contractors, Kansas City, MO, for St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station
2nd Place, Bomanite of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK, for Choctaw Cultural CenterVertical/Facades, Over 5,000 SF
1st Place Coloscapes Concrete, Loveland, CO, for ConfluenceConcrete Artistry, Over 5,000 SF,
1st Place, T.B. Penick & Sons, San Diego, CA, for 3rd Street Improvements, Phase 2Concrete Artistry, Under 5,000 SF,
1st Place Fisher Companies, Midland, MI, for Kalkaska Trout Inlay
2nd Place, Scott L. Aker, Architect, LLC, Philadelphia, PA, for June 5 Memorial ParkMultiple Applications, Over 5,000 SF,
1st Place, Trademark Concrete Systems, Camarillo, CA, for SoFi StadiumMultiple Applications, Under 5,000 SF,
1st Place, Colorado Hardscapes, Greenwood Village, CO, for Red-Tailed Hawk Inclusive Playground
2nd Place, Tom Ralston Concrete, Santa Cruz, CA, for Santa Cruz Chinatown MonumentStained, & Dyes Over 5,000 SF,
1st Place, Bob Harris, SSI, Waxahachie, TX, and Lee Ann Harris, Decorative Concrete Institute, Temple, GA, for Harris Re-creation of the Church of San SalvadorArchitectural Cast-in-Place Concrete Structures Over 5,000 SF,
1st Place, Ruttura & Sons Const. Co., West Babylon, NY; Long Island Concrete, Queens, NY; and Fort Miller Co., Inc., Greenwich, NY for Little Island @ Pier 55
2nd Place, Ruttura & Sons Const. Co., West Babylon, NY, for Brooklyn Navy YardCementitious Overlays, Over 5,000 SF, 1st Place, Beijing Orangestone Hardscape Co. Ltd., Beijing, Beijing China, for Zhuhai Chime-Long Hengqin Island Theatre
2nd Place, Concrete Coatings, Grand Prairie, TX, for Lakeshore Amenity Center
Cementitious Overlays, Under 5,000 SF
1st Place, Captivating Concrete, Prescott, MI,  for Self’s Reclaimed Basement
1st Place, Lamberson Construction Concrete by Design,  Horton, KS, for Happy Bassett Barrel House
2nd Place, Hyde Concrete, Pasadena, MD, for Mason & Rook Mobile BarDecorative Resinous Coatings, Under 5,000 SF
1st Place, Knox Concrete LLC, Lewiston, ID, for Brandon Beier
2nd Place, Birmingham Decorative Concrete, Leeds, AL, for P&M Mechanical.

The DCC is composed of contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers of decorative concrete products. The Council is dedicated to improving the technical and business expertise of the contractors that pursue this specialty market.

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