Brooklyn Grow Room Flooring for Cannabis Facility NYC

Brooklyn Grow Room Flooring

Grip Tech Flooring Completes Neat Epoxy Flooring Project for Brooklyn Marijuana Grow Facility

Project Overview: Epoxy Floor Epoxy Coating Installation

Joe Delandro, owner of Grip Tech Flooring, and his team recently completed a flooring project for a marijuana grow facility located in Brooklyn, NY. The project involved installing a 3,000 sq. ft. Neat Epoxy Flooring system with anti-skid properties using Kretus products. The project was completed in just four days.

  1. Project – Brooklyn Marijuana Grow Facility
  2. Location – Brooklyn, NY
  3. Size – 3,000 sq. ft.
  4. Products Used – Kretus Coatings
  5. Type of System – 100% Solids, two Component (Hardner and Resin) Epoxy Flooring w/ anti-skid
  6. Time to Complete – 4 days including Diamond Grinding
  7. Epoxy Contractor – Grip Tech Flooring is an epoxy installer serving the NYC Metro Area

What Is a Marijuana Grow Facility?

A marijuana grow facility is a facility that is specifically designed and equipped for the cultivation of cannabis plants. These facilities can range in size from small operations to large-scale commercial facilities, and can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. They typically include specialized lighting, ventilation, and irrigation systems, as well as security measures to protect the plants and comply with local laws and regulations.

Find out why epoxy coatings are ideal for resurfacing concrete floors at a marijuana grow facility by visiting the full article here:


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