Allston MA Polished Concrete Floors For Showrooms/Warehouses – Service Announced

Allston MA Polished Concrete Floors For Showrooms/Warehouses – Service Announced

Metrocrete Boston has announced a new partnership with New England Floor & Wall (617 202-2973) to provide high-quality concrete polishing throughout Boston and the surrounding areas. Store and warehouse owners can get in touch to discuss their specific project requirements.

The latest move ensures that a wider range of clients, including malls, showrooms, and airports, can access the latest diamond-polished concrete flooring solutions. This allows for a seamless, low-maintenance option to create a more striking appearance in any space.

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The new announcement ensures that clients can create any type of floor they like, from a simple gray setup to stained finishes. The experienced team can advise on the best process depending on the desired look and feel.

One of the most appealing elements of the polishing process is that it can create a more striking floor for business owners. Both light and dark colors are available, and acid staining provides greater detail.

With New England Floor & Wall, no two flooring projects are alike. Some clients opt to take their design further, with water-based dyes to add additional elements of color.

The expert team will grind numerous layers of the cement surface, beginning with diamond blades and utilizing cutting-edge vacuum machines to eliminate dust.

There are a number of benefits to hiring a concrete flooring contractor to carry out a commercial or industrial project. The finished result is a stain-resistant surface, with increased safety due to innate slip resistance, and a highly reflective surface to maximize indoor lighting.

New England Floor & Wall has a highly trained and experienced team committed to completing clients’ projects on time and within budget. Due to the nature of the process, there is no drying to wait for, so the polished floor can be used right away.

The full range of services available for local companies includes epoxy floor coatings, stained concrete floors, masonry services, and new concrete pours.

A spokesperson for the company states: “The evolution of polished concrete flooring provides new options for residential and commercial uses, ranging in styles from basic gray to highly decorative. Often seen in home improvement stores, retail establishments, restaurants and showrooms, they are also popular in basements and for garage floors.”

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Name: Win Sloward
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Organization: Metrocrete Boston
Address: 12 Stoneholm Street, Boston, MA 02115, United States
Phone: +1-617-202-2973

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