Concrete Craft Accomplishes Its Largest Commercial Resurfacing Project in Ogden, Utah

Concrete Craft Accomplishes Its Largest Commercial Resurfacing Project in Ogden, Utah

Successful completion of 36,000-square-foot job allows manufacturer to prepare for expansion without disruption to its busy production schedule

IRVINE, CALIF. (PRWEB) September 28, 2021 – Concrete Craft, a decorative concrete franchise in the United States, is proud to showcase its largest project to-date. Local Concrete Craft franchise owner Justin Nessen was chosen by Cerrowire – the leading North American manufacturer of copper building wire – to complete the repair and resurfacing of the nearby Ogden, Utah, facility’s production floor as part of the company’s update and expansion project.

The project, which included 36,000 square feet of surface area, took only three weeks to complete and was carried out in three phases in order to ensure that the company’s busy production schedule was able to continue without disruption to its output and efficiency. The 35-year-old facility was preparing to grow its throughput by replacing outdated equipment, expanding the work area and adding additional production lines. However, before getting started, the shop floor needed to be refurbished in order to ensure the surface was even and safe, and the environment was clean.

Nessen managed a team of skilled contractors to grind and sand the existing floor and then apply long-lasting, low-maintenance polished concrete to forklift pathways, as well as add a high-strength industrial coating throughout the manufacturing plant.

“This job allowed us to showcase to the local business community our ability to manage the on-time delivery of a large-scale project that involved multiple contractors,” said Nessen, who owns the Concrete Craft franchise in Roy, Utah. “Because of our strong brand reputation, I’m able to partner with the best in the industry to meet the unique needs of both commercial and residential clients.”

“What’s exciting about this particular project is that we demonstrated to this client, who has other locations throughout the U.S., the power of our national brand and the high-quality work they can expect from Concrete Craft,” remarked Nessen. “Now, because of our strong network of franchisees, there’s an opportunity for us to support them on similar projects in other markets.”

Concrete Craft, part of the Home Franchise Concepts™ (HFC) family of home improvement franchise brands since 2014, has been a pioneer in the industry – innovating the appearance of ordinary, unfinished concrete and transforming it into the look and profiles created by natural materials such as flagstone, cobblestone, slate, and even hardwood.

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