CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana now provides concrete floor coatings – NWILife

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana now provides concrete floor coatings – NWILife

Always working to give their customers the best, CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana has worked diligently to add a concrete floor coatings division to their already expansive business.

There are several reasons why a home or business owner would benefit from coating their concrete floors.

“One good reason would be appearance over time,” John Jordan, owner and president of CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana said. “Floors take a beating in the Midwest. You often get dirt and contaminants that come from the road into your garage or shop. The concrete then tends to change color and get dirty over time. These floor coatings keep the floors looking fresh and easily maintained.”

Although “some” products to coat concrete floors are available at local hardware stores, the process is rather complicated and requires several detailed steps. First, the products themselves can be difficult to work with, especially if you’re not a professional with training.

“Many of the coatings for concrete require 2 parts and a catalyzing process,” Jordan said. “There’s only so much time to work the hardener into the product. Once that is done, that product starts the curing process. There is a pot life to these products; if you don’t get it done in that timeframe that it allows the product will become too hard to work with, and your project will be at risk.

Another reason this type of application requires a professional is that it involves surface preparation.

“We’re using the best equipment available to grind floors and create surface profiles so that the products will adhere to the floor,” said Jordan. “The products we’ve mentioned are engineered to last and made to allow a quick return to service. Meaning you will get your space back whether it be a garage, laundry room, basement or your business back in a reasonable time. In many cases as quickly as 24 hours.”

“There’s a lot of people out there that don’t really have a good understanding about the preparation that’s necessary,” Jordan said. “A homeowner says they want to do it themselves. They can buy a product at a big-box store for $300 or $400, but generally speaking, that product won’t last. You’re going to have problems with hot tire pickup–meaning you drive your car into your garage and you pull material off the floor. In addition, overall wear and tear will render these products inferior and will be damaged much faster than the industrial products we are using.”

In order to provide customers with the very best service and product possible, CertaPro has been training and testing products to ensure quality application and service.

“We’ve been in business for going on 10 years, and we’re really making some investments in equipment and training. When things go wrong, you can’t just go and do a touch-up; you have to either remove the products and materials that are on the floor or you have to have a talented person go in and fix without causing other damage. CertaPro has products that will get you back using that space in a matter of a day or so,” Jordan said.

To learn more about CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana, visit the website https://certapro.com/nwi/ or call (219) 224-3162.


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