Industrial Tank Coatings for Steel, Metal & Concrete Tanks: A Case Study

Industrial Tank Coatings Portland Oregon

When Amalgamated Sugar of Portland, Oregon contacted Parker Smith of Smith & Company Painting about their problem with rust and corrosion of 2 metal storage tanks and a concrete silo, Smith was ready to offer his skill and expertise to help.

Smith and Company Painting offer storage tank coatings to protect steel, metal, and concrete tanks from rust and corrosion. These types of tanks need protective coating systems for long-lasting performance.

The Amalgamated Sugar facility needed rust and corrosion removal for 2 metal storage tanks and a concrete silo along with protective coatings for all three structures plus painting of one of their industrial buildings. Smith and Company Painting took care of their prep and painting needs, including rust & corrosion removal, sandblasting, power washing, epoxy coatings, and painting.

Over a 6-week period, the expert painters worked hard to ensure the job got done right to prevent future problems like chipping or fading paint.

Check out the video below to view drone footage of the silo and metal tower painting work completed for Amalgamated Sugar.


Smith & Company Painting is Oregon’s premier painter and tank coatings expert serving the Portland metro area including Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, West Linn & Beaverton OR areas for over 50 years. Call Parker Smith today at 503-472-4334 for any coatings and painting needs – residential, commercial, and industrial.

Tank Coatings Scope of Project

Project Requirements:
Metal Tank Painting and Rust Corrosion Removal: 2 tanks, each 25 feet tall
Concrete Silo Powerwashing and Painting: 120 feet tall
Industrial Metal Building Painting: Powerwash and Paint

Location: Portland Oregon

Client: Amalgamated Sugar

Commercial Painting Contractor: Smith and Company Painting of McMinnville Oregon

Scope of Project: Sandblasting, Power Washing, Rust/Corrosion Removal and Painting. 2 x 25 Foot Tall Water Tanks, 1 x 120 Tall Water Storage Silo and Industrial Metal Building Painting.

Time To Complete: 6 Weeks

Products Used: Induron Coating Systems, Primer Coat – Induramastic 85, Finish Coat-Indurethane 6600 Plus

Visit the Smith and Company Painting case study for more details about the Induron Coating System products used to successfully complete the project along with detailed photos.


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