Ellicott City MD Diamond Polished Concrete Flooring – Grind/Seal Service Launch

Ellicott City MD Diamond Polished Concrete Flooring – Grind/Seal Service Launch

With more commercial property owners recognizing the benefits of polished concrete flooring, MetroCrete Maryland (410-220-6077) launches an updated range of diamond polishing services.

The Ellicott City-based contractor, MetroCrete, has also expanded its services to include industrial centers in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. The processes now deployed include grind and seal finishing, as well as staining.

Benefits of the new services include lower maintenance, improved durability, increased lifespan, and more. With the latest announcement, the company brings the most up-to-date concrete polishing techniques to Maryland and Virginia businesses.

Until around 15 years ago, polished concrete floors were a relatively uncommon feature. Since then, a growing realization of the potential benefits has led to significant development in both the methods and finishes available.

Decorative finishes such as staining have become particularly popular among retail outlets such as Starbucks, while the durability and cost-effective attributes have been seen as an advantage by industrial units. The grind and seal processes now employed by MetroCrete Maryland allow commercial building owners in the region to take advantage of all these features at a reduced cost.

The process uses similar methods as diamond polishing. While diamond pads are still used to polish the surface, this improved system utilizes high-performance urethanes to seal the floor. Staining and sealing of the floor typically occur at an earlier stage than in the aforementioned approach.

A primary benefit of this process is that it is less labor-intensive, which in turn reduces costs for clients. In addition, the contractor states that the system has more predictable outcomes. Of course, the other benefits of polished flooring can still be enjoyed. In addition to those mentioned earlier, some other advantages include mold resistance, dust proofing, and improved environmental credentials.

MetroCrete Maryland suggests that diamond polished concrete floors have a wide range of applications. Some frequent clients include warehouses, office buildings, automotive dealers, malls, manufacturing facilities, and more.

In addition to commercial and industrial buildings, the contractor also provides concrete polishing and stained concrete flooring services to residential customers. The latest announcement demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing modern and up-to-date diamond concrete polishing methods.

Interested parties can learn more by visiting: https://marylandconcretedesign.com/concrete-polishing-contractors-in-maryland-and-washington-dc

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Name: Niche Quest
Organization: MetroCrete Maryland
Address: 2146 Rogers Avenue, Ellicott City, MD 21043, United States
Phone: +1-410-220-6077
Website: https://www.marylandconcretedesign.com/

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