Spray Foam Academy Training School – Profoam | Gear Guide

Spray Foam Academy Training School – Profoam | Gear Guide

Spray Foam Academy is a 3½-Day Training School

Come be a certified Profoam installer! Our Spray Foam Academy is a 3½-day training school offered every month at Profoam for all new spray foam business owners or people looking to get into the business. Learn from the experts – contractors training contractors!

Click below for the next training course taking place November 15-18 at Profoam!

Some of the key topics we go over in the training courses are:

Equipment TrainingSpray TrainingHealth & Safety TrainingEquipment MaintenanceEquipment TroubleshootingMarketing/Lead GenerationNetworkingBidding projectsSelling/ClosingInvoicing/ARMargin TrackingBuilding ScienceApplication TechniquesInsulation Materials

Profoam Equipment & Business Training Class Details

Ted Medford, one of the industry’s best former contractors and owner of Profoam, will open your eyes to all the things your spray foam rig is able to do. Insulation applications are just one of the many things you will be able to offer to your customers. Ted will also explain how to measure jobs properly, choose the right materials, and build accurate quotation systems that will ensure profitable projects. He and Chelsea Powell, Profoam’s marketing manager, will share their knowledge and experience of marketing, selling, and closing spray foam jobs.

Profoam’s National Technical Director, Ken Anderson will present classroom and field training on spray foam equipment and the building envelope. He will cover spray foam material makeup, health and safety, equipment operation, equipment maintenance, and rig/equipment troubleshooting. He will then lead the spray foam hands-on equipment training and application portion of the course where you will be able to go to a job site and get personalized instruction on various spray techniques and bidding processes. We will have several rotating hands-on training stations set up on the third day of class. You will also receive a Profoam Certification if you pass the test at the end of the class.

The final day’s course will cover our Geotech line of concrete lifting materials and applications. The classroom portion of this course is taught by Richard Medford who has years of experience in this field. He will cover various application opportunities, discuss the many products that we offer for Geotech applications and go overbidding projects to ensure success and profitability. Then, Jeremy Green will demonstrate the lifting process on a local job site where you will be able to participate in the process and learn firsthand how to approach and execute a successful concrete lifting project.


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