DIY fanatic shares easy way she transformed her old kitchen side into ‘marble’ and it saved her thousands

DIY fanatic shares easy way she transformed her old kitchen side into ‘marble’ and it saved her thousands

EVERYONE loves a chic marble kitchen countertop, right?

But if you’re on a budget and can’t afford the expensive stuff, fear not.

Nicole shares her three-step hack for transforming your kitchen counter into gorgeous ‘marble’ Credit: Instagram/@fancyfixdecor

Home décor and interior design fan Nicole Boyle shared her DIY hack for the perfect at-home marble and it looks amazing.

Posting under the TikTok account @fancyfixdecor, Nicole often shares DIY tips and tricks and this is the perfect way for transforming an old kitchen side into expensive-looking marble.

Nicole reveals you can paint marble countertops on old granite or laminate in just a few simple steps.

She said: “I turned my outdated granite into marble.”

Nicole’s step 1 is “white primer” and she is seen painting her granite countertop with a roller brush.

Then for “Step 2: Paint on veins”, Nicole paints on marble-like marks.

Finally, it’s “Step 3: Finish with epoxy” (a countertop paint kit).”

Nicole said: “This entire kit with everything you need is from Giani_Inc for $179.”

The kit comes with all the tools and instructions and took Nicole approximately 2.5 hours of the marble veining.

Nicole took to Instagram to share a more in-depth step-by-step tutorial, with more information on how to achieve the marble look.

Nicole explained: “The first thing I am doing is removing the caulk.

“Everything is cleaned, caulk is gone and tape is ready.

“Took 1.5 hours of prep.

“Step one, apply a base coat.

“2 coats of white prime. 4 coats to cover.

“After you get the veins how you want them, you add the epoxy which is like a hard lacquer that will make it shiny.”


Nicole reassured people that the paint has no odor and the process is “definitely worth it.”

She explained: “You can make the marble very subtle or dramatic! it’s all preference.

“They have several color options and styles.

“It came with a practice board. It was like a thick white piece of foam core.

“When I did mess up on the real thing I used a wet sponge right away to erase it off.”

Nicole’s hack has impressed numerous people and racked up almost 700 likes.

The video has 28 comments and has been shared almost 300 times.

One person said: “It turned out so great!”

Another added: “I love it, Nicole.”

A third commented: “That’s amazing.”

However, many other users were unsure about how long it would last and were shocked Nicole was painting over granite.

One person said: “That’s a big yikes from me, you painted poor imitation, and then epoxy isn’t meant to handle knives and more, isn’t food safe and could color with time.”

Another added: “I wonder if it would razor blade off in say 5 years with paint thinner etc.”

A third commented: “This trend won’t age well.”

However, Nicole reassured viewers that the granite she had was purchased really cheaply at a granite outlet for $200.”

The finished product looks just like marble but for a fraction of the price

The finished product looks just like marble but for a fraction of the price  Credit: Instagram/@fancyfixdecor
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