Atlantic City NJ Urethane Cement Resurfacing For Aircraft Hangar Report Released

Atlantic City NJ Urethane Cement Resurfacing For Aircraft Hangar Report Released


Published March 1, 2023

Grip Tech Flooring new report details a 9,500-square-foot urethane cement coating project for an aircraft hangar. The project marked Grip-Tech Floor Coatings’ second flooring project the company has done for the U.S. Coast Guard, with the first completed at Ronald Reagan Airport in Arlington, Virginia.

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According to the recently published case study, traditional re-coating projects can often take several months to complete, but Grip Tech Flooring finished the U.S. Coast Guard renovation in three weeks. For a national security service, time is of the essence and Grip Tech Floors met their aggressive requirements.

Because of the significant and heavy aircraft equipment stored in the hangar, the structure’s floor is a critical component of the building. It must be capable of withstanding the wear and tear of aviation operations so that there is never a serious risk to safety when moving aircraft.

In the report, Grip Tech Flooring details the use of urethane cement coating to provide the long-term endurance required for the floor surface. In addition to durability, the material also provides a nice visual reflection.

Urethane cement, also known as polyurethane-based concrete, is easy to clean, allowing staff to keep it within a standard of order expected from a Department of Homeland Security service like the Coast Guard.

Grip Tech Floor Coatings explained that another benefit of using a polyurethane-based concrete floor coating is that it’s less damaging than other re-flooring options. The technique uses the existing material and therefore, can reduce costs and increase efficiency for the project.

The company also notes that urethane cement can extend the lifetime of the floor by years, if not decades. For an organization with a high operational tempo like the Coast Guard, this sort of timeline is ideal so as not to disrupt the high pace of work.

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Grip Tech Floorings specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial flooring projects in New Jersey.

A satisfied client said, “Joe and his team were absolute professionals from start to finish. The entire job took a few hours and was immediately a night and day difference. I get compliments from friends and family when they visit and they turned an eyesore of a garage floor into an absolute gem.”

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